Reading night

reading a book

Reading can be a fun hobby, go grab some books from your library and give it a shot


Filler episode jutsu

naruto filler episodes

Following up with my other secret technique, ‘blatant fan service for no reason!’

warm coat

Don’t worry about what people think stay warm.  Also, Flickr is about to start deleting over one thousand of my sketches on my blog in the next month. I’m going to go through and try to fix a few of the good ones before they’re gone but be prepared to see a lot of broken images in older posts.

I’m going to try to host the images directly on wordpress now but I’ll eventually have to go pay for an upgrade or something as the free wordpress blogs storage limit is pretty limited.  If I do that I might slap up a Patreon to help pay for the monthly fees, would that be a good idea you think?